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Transition Roadshow

Transition Roadshow 2018 -

Wednesday 17th October - 10am to 1pm

The Transition Roadshow 2018 was held in the new Senior School base (formerly the Social Activity Centre) which allowed for a wider variety of Exhibitors as space had become a problem in previous years with the growth of the Roadshow.

Some Exhibitors have taken part since the start but in different organisations with changes in funding over the years. Parents and Carers welcomed advice from Colleges/Work based and Voluntary opportunities and also agencies that provide leisure interests and activities.

Both Exhibitors and visitors commentated on an evaluation sheet about the opportunity to network and receive valuable information at this crucial time in a young person’s life.

Also there were lots of compliments on the welcoming atmosphere and enthusiasm of the Senior school pupils who were kept very busy ensuring there was safe parking, refreshments and ensured they were on hand whatever was needed including showing people where to go and one of the pupils showing off her acting skills with a sketch from a forthcoming Shakespeare performance.

As a result of the Roadshow there has been feedback from Exhibitors that further appointments with parents and carers have been made to discuss individual needs and queries.


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