Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy

This therapy is different to all other forms of therapy; it is in the moment learning.

Equine Therapy enables people to learn about themselves and others through participating in activities with the horses. Problem solving, creative thinking, teamwork, confidence, and effects of body language are some of the skills that are naturally obtained through the process.

Being around a horse is considered to be healing and therapeutic in itself due to its powerful and calming presence. There’s also a healing bond that can develop between the individual and the horses; often being the most trusting relationship that that person has ever experienced.

Benefits of Equine Therapy include;

  • relaxing tight muscles
  • increasing balance
  • building muscle strength
  • sharpening hand/eye coordination
  • gaining a sense of body-awareness
  • gaining a sense of self-control
  • gaining a sense of self-confidence
  • improving communication
  • improving concentration
  • improving socialization
  • improving patience
  • improving fine motor coordination